Legion Common Outside of Boutwell, Winter 2011

SONY DSCFor Veteran’s day. Thanks to all Americans for their service to our country in times of war, peace, and disaster.


Blood Farm Burns, December 2013


In the wee hours of December 29, 2013, a fire broke out in the smokehouse area of Blood Farm’s main buildings. The store, the smoke house and cutting room buildings were all destroyed. Blood Farm is one of only three meat cutting facilities in Massachusetts, and the only one in the easter part of the state. Many lives, business and menus will suffer. We hope that Barney and his family will rebuild, as does the rest of Massachusetts.

This photo was taken from the street on the afternoon of December 29, 2013.

Groton Inn Site, Summer 2013

This is the site of the Groton Inn, which burned in August of 2011. The sign and outbuildings are all that remain. There is a proposal currently (September 2013) making its way though the town government that would rebuild the Inn and further develop the property. The Carriage House Grill is a venture in the works by the current owner of the property. He hopes to open a restaurant in what used to be the garage for the Inn, but is having problems securing the necessary permits to open.